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Meet Our Founder 

"Personable, LLC strives to normalize being inclusive of all people, not just most people."

Hill Haviland - Founder of Personable LLC

Hello! My name is Hill and, like many people in 2020, my life was changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. My move to Detroit from Grand Rapids, Michigan for a fresh start in life was abruptly cut short. My job as an Office Manager at a medical clinic in Detroit was very promising and I was excited to heal my community. Unfortunately, we had to close our doors to due to COVID-19. Not knowing how to make ends meet, I started working as a Shopper with the grocery delivery service Shipt. I’ve always had a sincere approach to help people any way I can; Shipt Shopping, I decided, was going to be a great match for me. Working during the height of the pandemic, I was able to shop for over 2,000 families – allowing those individuals to stay home and stay safe. As time went on, I noticed Shipt to be more of a luxury service, especially in the financial sense. There is a noticeable upcharge between products listed in the app and the product prices in-store; with delivery service fees and Shopper tips included, this option may not always be feasible for those on fixed incomes. The app is also geared more towards the “tech-savvy” and could be difficult to navigate for shoppers with physical or communicable impairments. I quickly became aware of the lack of other necessary services available to those in the community who need additional accommodations.

I created my business to help people who rely on third party services due to medical challenges as well as for those who may need additional services, like having their groceries and products stored away.  We offer a multitude of services in addition to personal shopping tasks – errands, household chores and appointment transportation, to name a few. Personable, LLC is tailored to meet the specific needs of each community member  needing service.

Personable, LLC aspires to change the narrative of caregiving. Knowing that home care is often a very unexpected expense drives my passion to help care for our elderly and handicapped communities. Personable, LLC offers budget plans, monthly memberships and invoicing tailored to your budget and needs. Our mission is to provide services that are specific to the individual's requirements rather than the individual meeting the requirements of the company. 

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